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Cardiac CT Level 1

Cardiac CT Course - Level 1

Cardiac CT has emerged as a promising non-invasive technique to assess the heart particularly the coronary arteries. It has been used widely for assessment of coronary artery calcification with EBCT (Electron Beam CT Scanner) since the 1980s, but more recently with development of fast multi-slice technology and ECG gating, coronary angiography has become feasible. The latest generation CT scanners allow a scan to be performed in less than 15 min (scanner time) with a radiation dose of < 5 mSv in most cases, making the technique clinically acceptable. 

The use of ECG gated CT has been recommended by various international guidelines for different indications1

Correct use of any techqnique both as practioner as well as referrer require appropriate training2. Different levels of training in Cardiac CT has been defined by international bodies from Level 1 which gives the basic understating of the technique to Level 3, which permits independent running of a high quality service3

This course has been developed to meet the growing demand of training at a beginners level suitable for both radiology and cardiology trainees (also those training in cardio-thoracic surgery) as part of their core training requirements. The course would also be suitable for established radiologists and cardiologists wishing to venture out in this field. After undergoing this course, the trainee can go on to do a more advanced level 2 and 3 training which is much better offered in a class room environment requiring hands-on capability. 

The course is still in development. To register your interest, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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