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Meta-analysis of prognostic studies shows increased rate of SCD with increasing LGE in patients with HCM  after adjusting for other factors.

UK NICE guidance recommends CT coronary angiography for diagnosis of CAD in patients with atypical or typical angina in its 2016 update of CG95 (Chest pain of recent onset: assessment and diagnosis).

These latest guidelines reveiw the use of diagnostic invasive coronary angiography and management in patients with stable ischemic heart disease.

New practice guidelines released this month (March 2014) includes restructured definitions of disease severity, and provides a more complex evaluation of interventional risk and indications for newer catheter-based therapies.

This latest document rates the appropriateness of different imaging modalities for various indications to exclude stable ischemic heart disease.

Proposed by Arbustini E et al along with Valentin Fuster and Jagut Narula in JACC online.